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Media is a driving force in today's culture and here at Cypress we have sought to expand and grow our Media Ministry.   Our goal is to enhance worship through technology and to extend the Word of God to those not physically present in our Worship Center on Sunday morning.  To accomplish this we draw upon the multiple talents of a dedicated team who selflessly give of their time and effort to ensure the best possible worship experience for our members and guest.  As a team we place a high priority on transparency so that our presence goes unnoticed.  Opportunities are always available for anyone interested in joining our team.  The only requirement is a drive to serve the Lord while using technology.


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The videographer or camera operator is trained to run the manned video cameras or the robotic video cameras.  They provide video during regular services and special programs.  Training includes learning the camera controls – zoom and focus, techniques of camera movement, shot composition and following the director’s direction.



Trained to provide computer-generated visuals of the worship music utilizing ProPresenter software in the worship service.



Trained to operate stage & house lighting to achieve lighting effects to enhance worship services and special programs.



Trained to assist the sound engineer with audio, CD recording decks, control recording levels and to start and stop media played back during services and special programs.



Trained to operate the 16-input video switcher – switching between different camera shots, computer graphics, & digital media feeds - and take direction from the video director.



The video engineer use a waveform and vector scope to make remote adjustments to the manned video cameras. The most common adjustments include white balance, or color temperature, which calibrates the video camera to a white object so that the color rendering of other objects is correct and adjust the aperture of the camera. Controlling technical adjustments remotely allows the camera operator to pay closer attention to the composition of the scene.

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