Family Ministry

“But buy clomid as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

The purpose for Family Ministry at Cypress Baptist Church is to help families grow closer to God and each other.  We want to help build strong families by centering all relationships around Christ.

We offer activities for the whole family, couples, mothers and their child, and fathers and their child.  Through each activity we want the family to be strengthened in their relationship with each other.

Activities include:

Family Game Night happens monthly to bring families together to play board games, video games, sports, etc. together and just have fun as a family.

Couples Bible Study is offered to help strengthen marriages and deal with issues like Christian walk, finances, intimacy, conflict resolution/communication.

Parent Bible Study is offered to help with raising children the way God would want us to.

Annual Family Mission Trip is offered for the whole family, no matter what age to serve others as God commands us to do.

Parent/Child events during the year to help parents spend some special time with each child.

Men’s Events and Women’s Events to strengthen the individual so they can be a buy priligy better person within the family.

The passion God has given me is to help families to be strengthened and grow closer together.  I want to help couples realize there buy clomid are not just two options in life, to be miserably married or get a divorce.  With God and His guidance, there is a third option, to be happily married.  Just like anything else that is worthwhile, being happily married takes a lot of work, but it is worth it.  When a mom and a dad are happily married and seeking God’s will and not their own, in all of their decisions, the family as a whole will be strengthened. I want to help remind couples that we have to prioritize relationships God’s way, which is:  put God 1st, buy generic propecia online our spouse 2nd, and propecia online children 3rd, and everything else comes after.  These are the goals for my own life and for my marriage and family.

Courtney Bouillon

Family Minister

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